Owning a Car: What Newbies Need to Know

Pointers For New Owners Of Limousine Service: The Automotive Side Of Things

by Avery Ellis

If you are just starting a limousine service, you may be wondering how often your cars will need automotive service. You may also be wondering if you can get away with only two limos to start. Here are some facts about operating limos, maintaining them, maintenance frequency and why you may want more than two limos to start your business.

Limo Engines, Service and Fuel Efficiency

Limo engines are responsible for hauling not just twice the usual weight of most passenger cars, but also the weight of all the people inside the vehicles as well. This puts a lot of wear and tear on the engines, so everything from the timing belt to the anti-freeze and coolant needs to be checked often. Some limo company owners opt to convert their limo engines to diesel to increase fuel efficiency and decrease engine maintenance costs. You can discuss this option with your limousine dealer upfront before you order and purchase more cars for your company.

Limos May Require Monthly Maintenance

Because these massive vehicles are a commercial vehicle, they may see periods of constant work interspersed with periods of little or no work at all. During the months where your cars are running every day for very long shifts, you may want to have the necessary maintenance completed monthly. This would include a tire pressure check, alignment, and rotation, along with a complete checkup of all of the cars' fluids. (The tires are especially important, given that stretch limos of any type have unusual driving axles that are not found on any other vehicle on the road and these axles are vital to the cars' operation and your continued business).

Why You May Want More Than Two Cars to Start Your Limousine Service

If you really think about it, two cars is a great way to start a limo service, but if one car breaks down, there are no more vehicles in your "fleet" to cover the previously scheduled rides of the missing car. Even if you have a third limo just as backup, you can rest a little easier about having two cars constantly in work rotation. You would not have to designate just one car for the sole purpose of emergencies, but each of your three limos could take a rest and take a turn at being the vehicle that gets called in when one of the other two break down and need to go into the automotive shop for repairs.

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