Owning a Car: What Newbies Need to Know

3 Ways To Transform Your Clunker Into Your Dream Car

by Avery Ellis

If you have an old car that runs well, but the exterior needs work, then you should visit your nearest auto body paint shop. Have you heard of the show "Pimp my Ride"? You can have a makeover done on your vehicle without calling MTV. Here are three ways to transform your old clunker into your dream car.

Get A Paint Job

An auto body paint job can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your car. It is important to not rule out painting your vehicle because of price. A paint job can cost you from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand. However, a higher quality of paint is used in more expensive paint jobs.

You also have to decide on how you want to paint your vehicle. The auto technician can take the vehicle apart or paint it without moving any parts. Taking your vehicle apart means removing the glass, doors, trunk and hood. Painting your vehicle whole means taping it up and painting it without taking parts off.

However, if the auto technician has to take off parts, then your paint job could cost more. Painting is the fastest way to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Plasti Dipping

Plasti dipping is one of the more affordable ways to change your car. It is a rubber coating that comes in an aerosol can. This product also has a quick drying time and comes in a variety of colors.

It is an attractive way to protect your paint. You can hide small blemishes in your paint job. To apply it, you should cover the chrome pieces. This prevents you from getting the rubber coating on the wrong parts. Plasti dipping is also versatile and durable.

Replace Body Parts

If you have a dent or deep scratch, then you can replace the part with a new one. It is possible to find affordable car parts from online auctions, scrap yards and other online stores. If you have a deep scratch on your passenger door, then you should replace it. Replacing the parts can make an old car look new.

It is easy to get creative when fixing up an old car. There are so many ways to improve the appearance. You can also make changes to the interior. If you are thinking about pimping your ride, then you should schedule an appointment with an auto technician.