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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Leasing Semi-Trucks Instead Of Buying Them

by Avery Ellis

As someone who operates a business, you probably understand the joy of buying equipment for your business rather than renting it. Although it is often a good idea to buy things that your company will use frequently rather than renting or leasing, this is not always the case. For example, there are exceptions when you are talking about pricey equipment, such as semi trucks. These are a few reasons why you should be leasing the semis that your company needs rather than buying them.

1. Spread Out Your Purchases

Chances are good that your company's fleet isn't restricted to just one big truck. Instead, you probably have a whole fleet of them, or at least, you might need a whole fleet. Although financing or buying one or two trucks might not be a big deal for your company, buying a whole fleet can be a whole different story.

This can put your business in a strange predicament; you could find yourself spending more than your company can afford because you need new trucks, or you might keep old trucks longer after you should have because you don't have the budget to buy more.

With leasing, however, these problems are solved. You can ensure that you have the trucks that your company needs now, and you can spread out purchase and simply make lease payments on the other trucks.

2. Keep Your Capital Fluid

Putting all of your money into equipment is never a good idea for any business. It is best to keep your capital as fluid as possible in case there is an emergency that cannot be handled with leasing or credit. Holding onto your capital instead of investing it all in semis is a very smart long-term strategy. Even if you wouldn't have normally paid cash for your purchase, you can typically enjoy smaller down payments with leasing, which still reduces the amount that you have to take out of your capital.

3. Reduce Maintenance and Repair Expenses

Maintaining the fleet of semi trucks that your company uses can be so expensive. With a lease, however, you do not have to worry about maintenance and repair costs. You can always ensure that your semis are in good, safe condition, and you can enjoy fixed expenses instead of being surprised suddenly by the cost of maintaining or repairing your trucks.

As you can see, your company could probably benefit from leasing semis rather than buying them. Call a local truck leasing company like Decatur Trailer Sales & Service Inc to find out more about your choices.