Owning a Car: What Newbies Need to Know

Steps To Take Before Recycling Your Vehicle

by Avery Ellis

If you have an older vehicle that you are no longer going to be driving, you may have considered bringing it to an auto salvage yard in exchange for monetary compensation. This is a wonderful way to recycle a vehicle so it can be used for auto parts or for the scrap metal it is made from. Here are a few steps you will want to take before bringing your vehicle to the recycling center so it is accepted without incident and so you maximize on the profit you will obtain. 

Ask About Policies

Call a few auto recycling centers to ask about pricing before you bring your vehicle in for evaluation. Ask each service if they require you bring the title to the vehicle so you do not waste a trip if one is needed when you do not have one accessible. Some auto recycling centers will offer a tow for a vehicle that is not in running condition so be sure to inquire about this service if your vehicle is not drivable. 

Know Which Parts Work

If the vehicle is still in running condition, have a mechanic take a look under the hood to tell you if there are any parts within that appear to be deteriorating so you can determine an estimated cash value you believe the vehicle is worth. Bring along any paperwork you have available showing which parts had been replaced recently, if applicable.

If there are some newer parts on your vehicle, such as the engine, exhaust system, radiator, or tires, you can either alert the salvage yard in hope you will receive a higher payout, or you may want to consider pulling the parts and selling them separately as they will make you more cash. You would then need to have your vehicle towed to the auto recycling center.

Remove All Personal Effects

Before you bring your vehicle in to be scrapped, remove all your belongings from the interior. Don't forget the stereo system, anything in the glove compartment or drawer under the passenger seat, and items in the trunk. If you have any add-on features on the exterior, such as license plate frames, halogen headlights, or vehicle hood ornaments, take them off to try to resell.

Clean Out The Vehicle

While it is not mandatory to clean the vehicle before scrapping, it may get you a higher price overall if it is still in running condition. The auto salvage yard may decide to put the vehicle up for sale rather than using it for parts if the interior is in nice condition.