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Save Your Rubber For The Mud: Four Tips For Wheel Alignments For Off Road Vehicles

by Avery Ellis

If you have an off road vehicle, the tires can be a costly investment for your 4x4. You can have problems with alignments, which if you have to drive on pavement can cause rubber to wear. Traction can be lost when there is less rubber to grip off road terrain. This is why it is important for an off road vehicle to have a good alignment. Here are some tips to help you save the rubber for the mud with a good wheel alignment:

1. Choosing The Right Lift Kits For Your Suspension

Off road vehicles have many different suspension kits available to lift them and add better suspension for all terrain. With all the different models of vehicles available, there are also a variety of combination of suspension kits you can use. When you choose a suspension kit, you will want the right one for your vehicle. It will not only need to match the dimensions of your suspension, but you will also need to consider things like the type of motor have. 

2. Addressing Issues With Tire Vibrations In Off Road Vehicles

The tires on off road vehicles can vibrate when they go down the road. This happens when the wheels are not properly aligned. With a 4X4 vehicle, the wheels need to be slightly angled in at the top to prevent this. When this is reversed and the wheels are out at the bottom, the tires will vibrate a lot when you go down the road.

3. Adjusting The Tie Rods To Give Your Vehicle Better Handling

The tire rods on your vehicle are what give the wheels stability and handling. If they are not adjusted properly, you can have problems with the steering pulling to one side of when you are driving.  To prevent these problems, the tie rods need to be adjusted properly when you have your wheels aligned.

4. Addressing Issues With Awkward Steering Wheel Positions With Suspension Mods

If you have put a suspension kit on your off road vehicle, it is not uncommon to have an awkward position of the steering wheel. The steering wheel can be upside down or slightly out of place. This may not always effect the handling of the vehicle, but it can interfere with driving and any controls that you may have on your steering wheel. An alignment service can quickly fix this problem for you.

Keeping the rubber on the tires of your 4X4 is important if you plan on taking it off the road and through the mud. If you need to have help getting your tires just right, contact a wheel alignment service to ensure that your vehicle is ready to take on any terrain you encounter. Contact a company like Medina Muffler Repair Service to learn more.