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8 Ways To Prevent Car Rust

by Avery Ellis

Rust is a common auto body problem that can not only ruin the exterior of your car, but also lead to mechanical problems. Preventing the rust from occurring can save on repairs later. Here are eight ways you can prevent rust from damaging your auto body. 

  1. Inspect your car.  Once a month, take the time to thoroughly inspect your car for signs of rust. The earlier you catch problems with rust, the sooner you can take action to avoid it from spreading to other areas of the car. 
  2. Wash the undercarriage of the car. As you drive, dirt can start to collect on the undercarriage. The dirt can retain moisture and hold it against your car which can lead to the development of rust. 
  3. Wax your car. When you wax your car, you are putting a protective layer between it and road salt that accumulates as your drive. Road salt can contain contaminants that can promote the growth of rust.
  4. Dry your car thoroughly. When you wash your car, be sure to dry it manually to ensure there is no water left on it. Open the doors of your car and wipe away water that might have dripped there while washing your car. 
  5. Get rust spots repaired. Over time, any rust that is on your car can weaken its exterior and affect how it stands up if you are involved in an accident. When you notice areas of rust, take your car in for an auto body repair immediately. Immediate repairs could be a lifesaving measure.
  6. Unclog drain holes. Drain holes that are found in the frame of the car and its doors can contribute to rust. Once a month, unclog the holes to allow any liquids built up there to drain.
  7. Cover paint chips. Paint chips can often lead to rust. To avoid rust, cover the affected areas with clear nail polish or touch-up paint. This helps to prevent moisture from creating rust.
  8. Consider rust proofing. Some auto body repair shops offer rust-proofing services. The price can vary, but may be well worth it. Some shops require you to bring in your car for inspections periodically to guarantee the work that is done on your car. 

Rust is unattractive and can take away from the value of your car. Talk to your auto body repair specialist for other things you can do to keep your looking good and avoid rust-related mechanical problems. If you have other questions or want to learn more, contact a company like Wasatch Body Shop, Inc.