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Vacation In An RV? 3 Ways To Prepare For An Unfortunate Breakdown

by Avery Ellis

With more than 16,000 scenic RV parks in America, there's no wonder why many families choose to rent or purchase an RV and go on a vacation across the country. While most families only experience joy and excitement on their trip, a few unfortunate families break down and find themselves stranded on the side of the road. If this happens to you, your roadside assistance insurance company will contact a local heavy towing company and have your RV towed to the nearest garage. However, there's usually some down time involved and you will have to care for your family in the interim. Following are a few ways you can prepare for the worst. 

Stock Plenty of Emergency Supplies

You've probably packed plenty of bandages, bug spray and sunscreen, but have you thought about what supplies you will need if you're stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck? What if the weather is rainy or the terrain muddy? Think of everything that might happen and pack accordingly. Be sure to include rain gear, tarps, flairs, kitty litter (to give wheels traction), bungee cords, blankets, flashlights, etc. While you probably won't have to wait long for your tow truck to arrive, you don't want to be miserable until it does. 

Pack a Getaway Bag

Once the tow truck comes and takes your RV to the garage, you will have to find somewhere else to stay. Rather than spend precious time packing items to take to a hotel while the tow truck driver patiently waits, pack a getaway bag before you leave your house. This bag will contain anything your family needs for an overnight stay, including an extra change of clothes, toothpaste, medicine, phone chargers and so forth. If you do this, you can simply grab the bag and go. 

Keep Extra Cash On Hand

If you break down unexpectedly, you will need enough money to cover unexpected expenses for repairs, and you will also have to pay for food and shelter while your RV is in the shop. Always carry an emergency fund or make sure you have quick access to extra funds for such occasions.  

Breaking down while on vacation is never fun, but you can make it less of a nightmare by being prepared. When you're prepared for all eventualities, you will be better able to roll with the punches and finish the rest of your vacation with a positive attitude. A company like Seminole Towing can offer more advice about getting a tow for your RV.