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2 Semi-truck Accessories That Can Make Long Haul Drives More Comfortable

by Avery Ellis

Long haul semi truck driving is a very lucrative career, but it can also be quite uncomfortable without the right accessories. Accessories for a semi truck can range from entertainment systems to cooking devices. Two truck accessories to make long haul drives more comfortable are replacement seats and upgraded bedding.

Replacement Seats

Having comfortable seats when you are going to be spending multiple days in a row driving all day is absolutely vital in order to make sure that you stay pain-free and alert. While the seats that will come with your semi truck are designed to take a lot of punishment, they are far from the most comfortable options available.

One reason to upgrade to a new seat is to take advantage of additional padding and material that can keep you from getting sore throughout your long drives. The additional padding that an upgraded seat can provide will not simply be applied to one portion of the seat, and you can expect to feel additional padding on the back rest and arm rests. In addition, many upgraded truck seats will also offer additional support structures to provide extra support for your back. 

Another reason to upgrade to a new seat is that many of the available upgrades include seats with shock absorption systems. For example, some seats will utilize an air suspension system. This system will increase your comfort because you will not feel as much vibration or impacts through the seat as you drive across roads that may not be in good repair.

Upgraded Bedding

Another area to look into if you are planning on being more comfortable on long haul trips is your bedding. Since many truck drivers will sleep in their trucks during long trips in order to save money, upgrading the basic bedding is a wise investment. One great investment is an upgraded mattress made out of memory foam, which will help you sleep more comfortably, which in turn will minimize pain and increase alertness when you start driving again.

You will also want to make sure that you keep as warm as possible while sleeping in your truck. This is important because a truck cabin is never going to be as warm as a hotel room, so unless you make the bedding as warm as possible it may be very difficult to get a good night's sleep.

The easiest way to warm up your bedding is to purchase a bunk warmer that runs off of your truck's 12 volt outlet. A bunk warmer functions in the same way that a heated mattress pad does, simply place the item on top of your mattress and under the blanket. 

Speak to a commercial truck dealer in order to discuss the many available accessories that can make your truck more comfortable. Replacement seats can keep you comfortable during the driving portion of your day, while upgraded bedding will help you get a restful night of sleep at the end of a long day driving.

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