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How To Get Out Of A Snow Drift

by Avery Ellis

Driving in the snow is always dangerous, but there are some times when you need to pick up something and it doesn't seem that bad when you leave the house. If you are driving in the snow and find yourself caught in a snowdrift, don't panic. There are ways to get out of the mound of snow, even in a snowstorm. Here are some tips for getting out of snowdrift safely and back home where it is warm.

Apply Extra Weight

In order to allow your vehicle to touch the ground, you may need to apply more weight to your vehicle. If someone else is in the vehicle with you when you get caught in the snowdrift, ask them to push down on the vehicle while you try to accelerate. If you have a rear-wheel vehicle, having heavy items in the trunk can help a lot. For a front-wheel vehicle, it may be enough just having the weight from the engine over the tires, but an extra person is very beneficial.

Use Traction

Any time you are caught in snowdrift, you need to use traction to give your vehicle something to drive over. The main problem with a snowdrift is that it is hard to move your vehicle over a large amount of powdered snow without it digging in further. Try to find something that you can use as traction, such as purchasing cat litter from a nearby store or using sand. This is why it is always a good idea to keep a winter driving kit in your car, because it includes supplies for proper traction. If you can't find sand or litter, see if you have cardboard boxes you can flatten and pace underneath your tires.

Accelerate Slowl

Once you have your traction down, start to accelerate slowly. You should never slam on the gas when caught in a snowdrift, or it will cause your tires to dig deeper into the powdered snow. Instead, accelerate slow and gradual, going just a little bit at a time. You need to avoid having your tires spin in order to get out. Barely tap the gas until you start to feel the vehicle inching forward, then accelerate over the traction until you're out of the drift safely.

Rock the Vehicle

If you did not have any traction to use, do not accelerate just yet. Instead, try the rocking method. This is where you will accelerate, but not only go forward. You want to inch forward, then go into reverse to inch backyard, then inch forward again. Continue in this back and forth motion to rock your vehicle out of the snowdrift. Each time you do this, your vehicle will move forward a little bit more and you will eventually get out.

Call for Back Up

When all else fails, call a reliable tow truck from places like Marv's Quality Towing Inc. For some vehicles, this si the only way to get out. If your tires have spun and gotten you further into the snow, rocking and traction might not be very successful. The tow truck driver will be able to get you out and to a safe place where you can drive home.