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Buying A Used Motorcycle: 3 Signs To Look For When Inspecting A Bike

by Avery Ellis

When purchasing a used motorcycle, you want to ensure that you are getting a bike that is able to stand up to the test of time and will be safe for you to drive on a daily basis. Taking the time to not only test drive the bike, but to inspect the bike prior to making an offer can ensure that you ride away on the high quality motorcycle you deserve. When inspecting a motorcycle, there are many different signs you can look for to indicate how the bike was taken care of in the past and whether or not the bike will require repairs in the near future. Below you will learn more about three of these important signs.

Tire Treads

Unless the dealership has fitted the bike with brand new tires, there will be some wear on the tire treads. While you may think that getting brand new tires would be the superior option, the truth is that getting a bike with some wear can actually be beneficial. This is because the wear pattern on the tires can tell you quite a lot about how the bike was driven in the past. For instance, if the tread is most worn in the middle of the tire, this indicates a lot of highway driving. In this situation, it is relatively safe to assume that the bike was used as a daily driver. However, if the tread pattern is worn on the outside of the tire, this indicates that the bike was used for racing on a track.

Visible Frame

While the entire bike frame cannot be seen without dismantling the bike, a large portion of the frame will be visible using a flashlight to look under the bike. If the dealer will allow, you can also remove the seat in order to gain access to a larger portion of the frame.

When inspecting the frame, be sure to look for any dents or other damage that may indicate that the bike has been involved in an accident. Remember, not all accidents will be reported to the authorities. Consequently, a clean history is not always enough to rule out the possibility that the bike has been in an accident. If you see evidence of frame damage, simply walk away from the sale.

Fuel Tank

The fuel system is a common place for rust and corrosion to hide on a motorcycle. Furthermore, since the fuel tank is rarely included in the inspection requirements for a certified pre-owned motorcycle, many dealers will forget to address this area of the bike when preparing it for sale. Consequently, inspecting this area of the bike can be a great way to determine whether or not the quality of the bike truly matches its current appearance.

When inspecting the fuel tank, be sure to use a flashlight to look as far into the tank as possible. Be sure to look for signs of rust, mineral deposits, or corrosion.

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